Multi-disciplinary collaboration for streamlined, safer care management

  • Save time – with virtual MDT collaboration
  • Combine expertise – for effective care pathway development
  • Remote second opinion requests – for speedy diagnoses and reduced wait times
  • Increase involvement – with online accessibility from remote locations
  • Complete multi-modal information sharing – for informed decision making

Improving clinical efficiency and safety, and ensuring digital technology can support the NHS to deliver high quality care is a key focus of the NHS Long Term

The Dedalus’ MDT collaboration tool allows communication, information sharing and activities planning between professionals involved in the care process. With full data security, accessibility and patient privacy protocols in place – clinical data, documents, reports and even diagnostic images can be shared in a safe controlled environment. Valuable features such as text and video chat, screen sharing, quick notes and a drawing tool allow key actions to be easily documented for follow up.

Electronic prescribing for safer medicines management

Interoperable with the full range of Dedalus solutions, MDT Collaboration is particularly valuable in electronic prescribing and medicines management to facilitate tailored treatments across the care continuum.

Save valuable time in second opinion diagnoses

In digital pathology, with the onset of high resolution imagery and digital connectivity, collaborative diagnoses and second options can be sought remotely using ‘virtual slides’. This allows hospitals to share scarce specialist pathologists and ensure diagnostic accuracy. Dedalus’ MDT not only improves diagnostic wait times and increases patient safety, but also helps speed the patient journey.


Gain access to complete medicines data across the care landscape for safe prescribing.

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Digital Pathology

Reduce wait times and improve diagnostic accuracy with digital collaboration.

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Integrated Care Services

Facilitate cross-boundary care with full patient record access and data sharing.

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