Delivering complete information across the care continuum for effective and safe patient care

  • Create proven cross-boundary clinical pathways for accurate diagnoses and continued treatment
  • Enable effective discharge and handover between departments and across health and social care settings
  • Ensure accurate translation of treatment plans and medications between systems
  • Allow interactive sharing of data at the point care
  • Future-proof integrated care with embodiment of latest standards

Matt Hancock has put interoperability and ‘robust’ data sharing standards at the core of his vision for the NHS

At Dedalus, we are committed to the adoption of the latest FHIR, HL7 and IHE standards.  We ensure that all our solutions not only enable full and detailed clinical data sharing today but are also future-proofed to guarantee your investment is fit-for-purpose tomorrow.

Developing effective clinical pathways

Whilst our solutions are underpinned with possibly the most powerful integration engine on the market, our integrated care services are not based on product. They are based on understanding your processes and developing effective clinical pathways that deliver improved patient outcomes across the care continuum.

Full interactive sharing of data at the point of care

At Dedalus we are committed to do more than just allow systems to link together and pass-through static information, we aim to ensure that full interactive data sharing and recording at the point of care becomes a reality.  Embodying PRSB (Professional Record Standards Body) care record formats, Dedalus solutions help systems across the health and care divide to identify and retrieve the right information to facilitate effective and safe care.

Vendor-Agnostic Integrated Care Services

Whilst our Integrated Care Services are vendor-agnostic, our services philosophy and our interoperability platform underpin our full solutions portfolio – which includes ePMA, digital pathology, LIMS, population health and much more.


Gain access to complete medicines data across the care landscape for safe prescribing.

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Digital Pathology

Reduce wait times and improve diagnostic accuracy with digital collaboration.

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Interoperability Platform

Facilitate cross-boundary care and enable complete data availability at the point of care.

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